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My Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

Time for the first of my end-of-the-year lists, the likes of which are dotting movie blogs all over the net I am sure.  We start with the movies I am most looking forward to in 2017.  Granted, most are going to be the big budget/superhero movies because those are the ones we usually know about ahead of time.  Whether they live up to expectations we have yet to see.  So here are the ones I am excited for as of this moment.

5. Thor Ragnarok


Thor 2 didn’t thrill me much, but I am still looking forward to this third installment nonetheless, mostly because I have heard rumours that the Hulk will show up.  Also, the prophetic title is intriguing.

4. Dunkirk


Dunkirk looks like it may very well be another WWII film in the vein of Saving Private Ryan and may not have much new to add to the war film landscape.  But Nolan as the director has me interested to see if we may just get more than the usual.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


I really enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy and I feel Marvel did a great job of giving us a separate piece of their universe that feels unique and exciting, with some great characters to boot.  I’m eager to see those characters interacting once again and to see this wacky space world expanded upon.

2. Logan


To be honest, I didn’t know much of anything about this movie until the trailer dropped about a month ago.  But once I saw that trailer, damn I was hooked.  This looks like a very interesting take on the X-Men franchise, and the fact that it involves Wolverine and Professor X on a road trip together makes it seem that much better.

1.Star Wars Episode 8


Was there any doubt?  After being blown away by Force Awakens, I am all on board with the new Star Wars trilogy and cannot wait to jump back into hyperspace and join these characters again.  The fact that we get to visit Luke once more is a thrilling prospect, and of course seeing where our new heroes Rey and Finn end up should be quite the adventure.

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