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Gods of Egypt


You will often hear generalizations about how movies are “nothing but mindless action and special effects these days”.  If you are wondering what kinds of movies those people are talking about, Gods of Egypt is a great example.  Gods of Egypt is set in the background of Egyptian Mythology (just in case the title didn’t already tell you that much).  It tells the story of how Horus had to win back the kingdom from his father–killing uncle Claudius- i mean, Seth.  Along the way he is helped by a mortal named Bek because Bek is… good at stealing things?

I really wish that one day a filmmaker will come along and make a really great movie based on ancient mythology.  But instead all I ever seen to get are movies like Clash of the Titans, Immortals, and this.  Its as though collective Hollywood has decided a mythology movie can’t be anything other than cheesy and outlandish.  We someone to do for mythology what Peter Jackson did for fantasy.

But because I like myth stories so much, I was still able to find something here amidst what really isn’t that great a movie.  Some of the design choices I felt were really interesting, like a chariot carried by giant beetles and how Ra moves the sun to fend off Chaos.  They do dive into quite a few aspects including the gifts of the gods and exploring the underworld.

A big problem with this movie however is much of the acting.  Gerard Bulter is fine as the villain and Jaime Lannister works as the hero; he has a lot of gravitas to him in fact.  But the main character Bek is not a very strong actor, nor is his girl Xia, though they make sure her cleavage plays a prominent role throughout.  As such, its hard to really buy the “friendship connection” made between Horus and Bek.

Visually this film can be desc4rbed as a pure CGI fest.  None of the sets feel real at all, because they very likely weren’t.  Like I said, some of the design is quite compelling , but its just too much.  Its a computer-fabricated overload.   There’s a scene where they are walking through an Oasis landscape and I thought “this would be really cool it some part f this location were actually real”.  But it wasn’t and it felt like it wasn’t.

A big issue I had with the special effects were the action scenes.  When we start getting into the fast-paced action sequences, the digital animated was very apparent.  The images in the background did not flow smoothly and everything in the frame didn’t seem to be all existing in the same place together.  There are points where the gods turn into their animal forms and start fighting, which looks like two animated designs fighting.

So ultimately I cannot declare Gods of Egypt to be a very good movie at all.  I was sort of hoping I would find a guilty pleasure gem, but alas, my ancient mythology grail film still waits to be made.



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