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Jason Bourne


Jason Bourne is a Jason Bourne movie alright. Its got everything you would expect from a Bourne film; a juggernaut of frenetic pace and action, a minimal spy plot, and a stoic yet effecting performance from Matt Damon. It takes us to locations like Athens, Berlin, London and Vegas this time around. I particularly enjoyed seeing Vegas as I was just there recently and could recognize all the landmarks (though I think they got their geography wrong at the end of the chase. It seemed like they would have been at the Flamingo, not the Riviera…)

The story kicks off after Nikki hacks into the Blackbriar/Treadstone/whatever-it-is-now files and brings them to Bourne. Because his history is in the files, that makes this a little more of a personal venture than usual. On top of that, we get a revenge subplot to the film involving one of the other former assassins. I’m not sure this vengeance side to the story really fits too well, especially when it ends up going both ways. Somehow it seems beneath the Bourne franchise. I suppose that’s why this film doesn’t quite live up to the first three.

As for the supporting cast, Tommy Lee Jones seems like a good fit as the rough and gruff CIA director, running with the usual role that Brian Cox and David Strathairn had before him.  Alicia Vikander was alright, but seemed more like she was cast because she’s the new it girl rather than because she fit the film.  And it was nice to have Julia Stiles back as our link to the previous trilogy.
If you want a Bourne movie experience, Jason Bourne will give it to you. Its not as good as the others perhaps, but its still solid. I usually have issues with car chase, but the Vegas strip one was enjoyable. I also have issues with gratuitous killing of innocent bystanders in movies, and this one has a lot of that unfortunately. But regardless I still at fun with this latest Bourne flick.

One Response to “Jason Bourne”

  1. An interesting take on the latest Bourne movie. I would say I was much more disappointed overall, as the plot between the CIA and the new social media outlet didn’t grasp me in any way. I was hoping to have a Bourne movie that focused much more on Bourne himself rather than creating a new story outside of his own one. I did a review myself and would love to hear your opinion 🙂


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