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The Nice Guys


The Nice Guys is a great piece of entertainment. First of all, its hilarious. And its hilarious in two ways: the script and the performances. The jokes are well-written, but they’re even better when delivered by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. These two leads are great together. They’ve got a strongly comedic chemistry that never fizzles throughout the whole movie.

Completing the trio is Ryan Gosling’s daughter Holly played by newcomer Angourie Rice. She does a great job keeping up with her two superstar co-workers. Her character can verge on annoying every now and them, but overall she is a real asset to the film.

But not only does the movie work as great comedy, its also a pretty cool mystery story. I actually cared about the plot as it continued to unravel, and was always intrigued by the case they were working on. The opening scene for example is both wonderfully bizarre, funny in its own regard, and tantalizing with the mystery it provides.  Also, the 1970’s setting looks great and is well utilized.

Go see Nice Guys. After being bombarded with comic book movies and franchise sequels, its a breath of fresh air. They just don’t make movies like this very much anymore.


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