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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


And so the Hunger Games series which arrived with a bang, leaves with a whimper.  The second half of the third book, split into two purely for financial reasons not story reasons, is a slight improvement over the numb first half, but I still can’t say I liked it.   The story dragged, the emotional connections simply weren’t there, and the conclusion was underwhelming.

I thought that I may be in for a return to form with Hunger Games when the central premise looked to be an expedition to charge the capital which was defended by  series of traps.  These traps involved anything from fireballs to oils floods.  (Oh, and some sort of zombie things that looked like the pale man from Pan’s Labyrinth that seemed really out of place.)  This idea seemed promising, despite the practicality of it being ridiculous.  It seemed like it would touch of the original premise of the games themselves.  However, while it gave us some good scenes, the promise ultimately fell flat.

What we get instead is a half-baked revolution story which ultimately isn’t interesting.  We basically know how its going to turn out, which is fine as long as its entertaining which this only partially accomplishes.  But then they try to throw out a twist around a character we only somewhat know and really don’t care about.  Honestly, until I started watching this movie, I forgot that Julianne Moore was in the series at all, playing some character so memorable I don’t even remember her name as I write this, having just watched the movie.

Mockingjay continues to suffer from trying to force in a love story with the incredibly weak and annoying character of Peeta, this time forcing him into the same army unit of Katniss with no explanation of why and every reason for him not to be there.  Add to this the Return of the King style continuous ending, and the finale to the Hunger Games is a bit of a dud.


2 Responses to “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2”

  1. A solid finale. Not perfect, but just good enough. Nice review Ian.

  2. I agree, Ian. A very underwhelming finale from a series that started so strong. Nice review.

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