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Last year many people were loving a movie called Kingsman. I thought it was stupid. A few years ago, everyone was loving a movie called Kick-Ass. I bloody hated it. Right now, everyone is loving Deadpool, and I…. okay, I liked it too. The reason I’m comparing this to those other films is because I really thought that Deadpool was going to be a similar situation: a movie that people went gaga for because it swore and did inappropriate things like a desperately rebellious teenager.

But as it turns out, Deadpool manages to handle its rude behaviour quite well. Its definitely brazen, and while it teeters on the edge of obnoxious, they manage to pull it from the edge just enough at just the right times. And although I myself am not familiar with the comic character, from what I hear this matches the comic tone quite well.

Ryan Renoylds really sinks himself into this character, realizing that this is his chance to make right with his fans after his two recent comic movie disasters. Heck, he even makes references to both of them, a couple different times. (Actually, those references were part of this movie I didn’t care for. Sure its good for a laugh, but has a shelf life of about… 2 hours). His brand of humour and comedic timing i pitch perfect here almost throughout the movie. The parts I laughed most at were when he’d make girly screams when being shot at, or things of that nature. Great stuff.

The story structure takes place as a narration by deadpool flashing back while he’s taking part in a large fight on a highway overpass. It works well and gives the movie momentum as it plows through his origin. It worked, but to be honest, apart from the wisecracks the action was pretty generic (especially a certain fist fight between Colossus and that really strong woman whose character name I do not know). The climactic action sequence in particular is nothing special, even compared to the overpass fight. But I suppose this movie doesn’t exist for innovative action. It exists for the humour within that action. And as such it succeeds.

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  1. Kickass 2 is a huge improvement and you should check it out.

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