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Ian’s Bond Education: Part 4

For Your Eyes Only


So as I get further along in my Bond viewing, it feels like the original charm of the early 60’s films is gradually seeping out of this franchise.  The 70s saw the films turn more repetitive, less interesting, and much cheesier, and the 80s doesn’t seem to be reversing that trend at all.  There’s something about the overall look of the Connery films that felt more authentic, which the Moore films feels like everything is… made out of cardboard or something.  Its hard to explain, but I just don’t like the look of these middle films.

So I know I said before that I liked the skiing scenes, but now it feels gratuitous.  I mean, Bond already had a ski shootout just two films earlier!  And without a ridiculous scene where he jumps on a bobsled track.  So yeah, things are getting repetitive.  Nothing in this film is as bad as parts of Moonraker or Diamonds live forever (although the figure skater girl comes pretty close), but nothing is overly interesting either.

Bond is getting duller by the moment.



octopussy 07

Its interesting how the Moore movies have created their own mold, but I still maintain that they lack the same charm as the Connery flicks.  Still, Octopussy is a decent entry into the canon.  It feels a lot more linear than something like Moonraker, which was a bloody mess.  I like that the locations were limited to really just two.  The India location worked well and provided an interesting backdrop.  I didn’t really get the importance of faking the jewelry, but whatever.

Some of the stuff I liked: Bond escaping from the palace in India, the spy feel of the Russian subplot, the character of Octopussy (kind of).  Also, the circus train stuff was alright.
There’s also a scene which is very reminiscent (and by that I mean border-line rip-off) of the Cairo scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  But… I still kinda liked it.  Especially his line with the sword-swallower; “I’ve better let you put that back in”

Things I didn’t like: the theme song was brutal, sounded like the theme song of some awful 80s family sitcom.  And though I jsut said the circus train stuff was alright, it was also a little long.  In fact, one thing I’ve found with this bond films lately is threat they are all about 20 minutes too long.  Most of them could be trimmed considerably.  Also… a guy who uses a circular saw as a yoyo? C’mon.

Its alright. I can see why Homer watched it twice.

A View to a Kill


First I gotta talk about the title of the film.  Always thought it was “A View to Kill”.  That second “a” really makes for an awkward title, doesn’t it A view to a kill? Doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.  Anyway, had to mention that…

Also, Duran Duran? Really? Ugh.

So its interesting to me how knowingly these Moore films are willing to enter into camp territory.  This is quickly made apparent with the first appearance of Beach Boys music in the opening scene.  Wow…  So its clearly on purpose.  I guess it depends if you are okay with it and think its funny?  Its funny in a “man this is brutal” kinda way.  But not in a way which benefits the film.

A View to “A” Kill has a cohesive storyline, which is more than I can say for other Moore films which seem to bounce all over the place.  However, it is poorly paced, which led to me looking at the clock to see I was only 45 minutes in when I thought it should be nearing the end… This has been a problem with many of these Bond movies, I’ve noticed.  We are also given a surprisingly dull villain performances from Christopher Walken.

I’m glad I’m through with the Roger Moore era.


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  1. I am a big fan of the Bond series- if you have time, checkout my 100 Word review of Spectre here:


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