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And so the new Bond re-imagining comes full circle with its inclusion of Spectre and Bond’s nemesis Blofeld. And I quite enjoyed it. Spectre is a very solid entry into the 007 franchise. It offers a great villain, a great love interest, and a plot I was interested in following along with. The action scenes weren’t overly spectacular, but they were still captivating, especially the fight in the helicopter near the beginning and the plane on the ski hill.

Daniel Craig as James Bond provides a real gravitas to the character, and you can sense there’s some turmoil brewing beneath his cool exterior. I also really liked Lea Seydoux as the new Bond girl, and she held up as a character of her own. I also really liked Christoph Waltz in the bad guy role, menacing as ever.

There were a lot of little things I liked about Spectre, from the well-photographed shots of the various cityscapes, to the menacing atmosphere of the secret Spectre meeting, to the chilling death message left by the former M. I felt myself pulled into this movie a lot more than most 007 flicks, probably the most since Casino Royale.

The only issues I have are that the title song (and subsequent credit sequence) was absolutely horrendous. Also, Spectre is afflicted with the same problem almost all Bond films are afflicted with; its too bloody long! Had it been trimmed down to a nice 2 hours even, then we’d really be talking.

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  1. I though Spectre was good, not great. Would appreciate it if you checked out my 100 Word review:


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