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American Ultra


Yeahhhhhh, this movie was stupid. It was trying to be the Bourne Identity with slackers, but the whole premise was very uninspired. A dead-end stoner i secretly an unactiviated spy. Wow. It seems like similar stories have inundated our tv/movie scene lately.

I think that maybe this movie thought of itself as a comedy? You could tell they were trying to make jokes, they just left the actual humorous parts behind. I think they also thought it was an action movie, but the action was also kinda…. whatever. But hey, they made the two main characters have really bloody faces, so thats cool, isnt it??

Also, I found it enraging that the actions of the CIA people, especially Eric Forman’s character, were downright ludicrous. The CIA wouldn’t sanction the pretty much obliteration of an entire town just to kill one guy cause…. well, never really understood why. The motivations were really screwed up. It made this story very hard to take seriously, even in a way where you aren’t meant to take it seriously. And then Bill Pullman, a character who was introduced in no way, shape or form before he shows up, just all of the sudden does more ridiculous stuff.

So stupid.

Oh yeah, and the end credits were some of the worst I’ve ever seen.


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