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Amy Schumer seems to have risen to fame pretty quickly as a comedian in the last year or so, and this summer she was given her own movie. Trainwreck basically acts as a capsule to contain a lot of the themes in her stand-up routines, including her latent alcoholism and promiscuity. And though it doesn’t really take anything to extremes, it works as a solid comedy.

At its heart its a rom com, but more in the sense that 40 Year Old Virgin is, rather than My Best Friends Wedding or some junk like that. Its a very funny movie that happens to center around a relationship. But its really more about the character of Amy herself, and trying to be able to accept this relationship and change her life.

What makes Trainwreck work is the two lead characters. Amy is very funny and likable in her own unique way, which Bill Hader tones down his wacky SNL side to create a duller yet also likable character. And they have great chemistry.

However, this isn’t a great comedy or a modern classic or anything like that, because it does have some shortcomings. Where is really falls short is the movie’s apparent necessity to have celebrities in the flick. LeBron Jame sis fine, but gets tiresome, and really starts to feel like a gimmick pretty quickly. But there is one scene in particular, where Bill Hader is given an intervention, which is absolute garbage. They really should have left that scene on the floor (Marv Albert is in the running for worst cameo of all time).

However, Amy Schumer makes up for it in giving us a funny character and a lot of funny moments. There is one part in particular right at the end of the movie involving a basketball net which is f’ing hilarious.


2 Responses to “Trainwreck”

  1. I’ve become a fan of Amy Schumer and this film just adds to her talents. Very fun and has a good heart. Plus it’s a raunchy comedy about women and for women, a rare delight. Great review!

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