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Ex Machina


Ex Machina is a nice little sci-fi flick. It deals with two guys who are testing the AI woman that one of them built. Its pretty interesting in how these characters play off of each other and how the relationship dynamics work. You know there’s gonna be a twist coming into it somewhere.

There are basically four people in the film, three who are major characters; the genius inventor, the protege, and the android girl.  They all work in their respective roles well and create some interesting interactions (which is good, since these interactions are most of the movie).   There’s some good conversations about how to measure the success of an artificial intelligence  and on various life philosophies in general.

What I liked about it was that it works as a microcosm of what may happen if artificial intelligence is in fact released into the world.  This is especially highlighted with how it ends.  I won’t discuss what happens here, but lets just say its not an optimistic view.


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