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Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons


Usually, Munchkin expansions just come with a sleeve of new cards you throw in with the rest of the game. They have a couple new races/classes, monsters with pun names, etc. But with Demented Dungeons, we actually get a whole new aspect to the game.
Munchkin 6 adds the Dungeon cards, cards which are twice as large as normal and gives extra conditions for the dungeon the players are in. Now, a concept like this, having changed conditions that apply to all, isn’t that new or fresh of an idea, but it’s certainly something different than the usual Munchkin expansion fare.


1Dungeons – Dungeons are double-sized cards that create an effect for everyone in the game, until a time when the dungeon card is switched or discarded. For example, one dungeon requires 11 points to win instead of 10. Another makes everyone an elf.

2Portals – Portals are the cards that are added to the regular deck which will switch up the dungeon cards. But the interesting thing about portals is that they aren’t all the same. For example, Cave In lets you choose someone to drop a level as well as change dungeons.

Best Feature: The dungeons are neat, but I found myself liking the portals honestly,(though clearly they must work together). In our last game, a player was able to win by getting to level 10 with another player (they fought monster together) in a dungeon which needed you to get to 11. Then he played Cave In, knocked the other player down, switched dungeons and won with 10. Cool way to win.

When to use: Honestly, you can throw them into every game.

Does it fit?: I have the Munchkin Deluxe box, and yeah, they fit along with the previous 5 expansions.

What type: I guess this would be a small add-on, that doesn’t change the game much.

I like that a Munchkin expansion actually tries to do something different. Mind you, the “deck of cards that creates effects for everyone is not uncommon. I’m reminded of Small World: Tales & Legends, Tzolkin’s prophecies, and so on. But its still a pretty fun addition to the game.

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