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It Follows


I’m not really a horror guy, but I enjoy the occasional scare flick.  It Follows is certainly one which I enjoyed.The premise is intriguing: some sort of creature in the form of a person only you can see constantly tracking you down, and the only way to shrug off the curse is to sleep with someone and pass it to them. But are you really free?  If it kills them, it will come back to you.

See? Cool idea.  And its executed even better.  The hunter being takes the form of various different people, and slowly walks towards the main character Jane, never increasing the pace and never letting the obstacles get in its way.  Its fascinatingly creepy.  Sure she can drive away as fast and far as she can, but eventually it will get to her again, unless she dooms someone else.  But even then, the curse isn’t gone.

There are all kinds of sexual analogies to be made with a set-up like this, but honestly I was more affected by the atmosphere and the unique horrific situation presented.  And Jane and her friends try to find a way to shake this thing, we get a bunch of eerie images and scenes, reminiscent of John Carpenter’s Halloween.  its very well done and I was enjoying every moment.

The only real flaw I would say It Follows has is its lack of resolution at the end.  But I guess its hard to resolve a story that has the kind of set-up this one has.  How do you properly conclude a story with a constant, unshakable threat at its core?  But even though I understand the difficulty in a proper ending, its still hard not to be disappointed.

But everything leading up to the end was great.  I really liked the camera work, giving us some neat wrap around shots.  The acting was also refreshing in a naturalistic yet unpretentious way.  But the creepiness factor is what really puts this over the top.  Great October watch.


4 Responses to “It Follows”

  1. Nice review Ian. I’m planning on catching this next weekend so it’s good to see a shining review.

  2. It’s smart and fresh, but never feels like it’s showing off. Which is something worth crediting. Nice review Ian.

  3. Really good film with a nice, original idea. Makes you wonder how you’ll escape though.

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