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My Top 50 Video Games: #30 – #21

30. Lego Star Wars


I love Lego.  I love Star Wars.  So why wouldn’t I love this?  I do.  Its incredible amounts of fun, I like that the lego building aspect is brought into the game, along with a unique brand of humour.  Plus, lightsabers are awesome.

29. Tecmo Bowl


I’m not really one for sports games.  I think they’re kinda dumb to be honest, they way they have to come out with a different version every bloody year for every bloody sport.  But forget Madden -07 or -08 or anything else, just go back to the classic Tecmo Bowl.

28. Super Mario 64


Mario seems to be awesome no matter what system he’s on.  Mario 64 was a pretty big step in graphics at the time, and the gameplay was a lot different than previous Mario’s but a lot of fun as well.  There’s even a slide race with a giant penguin, for some reason.

27. Twisted Metal 2


Something drew me to the idea of vehicles driving around trying to blow each other up.  Its fun.  There’s a map element of navigating the streets of various cities, like Paris and Monaco, as well as the  satisfaction of targeting that stupid clown van with a missile.

26. God of War


I am a big fan of Greek mythology, so I rather enjoyed getting into this game (and its sequel, they kind of both share this spot).  There was a puzzle aspect to most levels which I liked, and lots of characters and creatures from the stories I know popped up as well, which kept my interest more than peeked.

25. Super Mario World



The second generation of Nintendo saw a whole new Mario game, which proved that Mario wasn’t tied only to the NES.  It added cool new levels, and Yoshi, and was just a lot of fun.

24. MarioKart


I threw the DS one up here, cause that’s the version I play the most, but really it could be any Mario Kart.  They’re all awesome.  This is racing made fun, and its hard to deny that no matter how much of a wet blanket you are.

23. Super Mario Bros. 2


Yes, more Mario.  This second installment gets a lot of jeers, but I think it still has a lot of merit.  I like the idea that you can throw stuff, you can dig, and that each playable character was slightly different.  Don’t discount Mario 2 entirely, there’s a lot here to like.

22. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire


My favourite Star Wars game by far.  Its actually based off of one of the novels, but I didn’t really know that at the time.  Anyways, it has some really great stuff here, like space battle, hunting Boba Fett on a train, and of course replaying the famous Battle of Hoth as a snowspeeder.  I loved this game so much.  I wish I was playing it right now…

21. Adventures of Lolo


One of the kings of the puzzle game, each level saw Lolo trying to make it out of a room set up with various obstacles.  Sometimes you’d have to push boulders to make paths or block enemies, or whatever else needed doing.  A wonderfully challenging game.

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