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My Top 50 Video Games: #50 – #41

Okay, I wasn’t sure whether or not to do this list, but I decided why not?  Now lets be clear: this will not be your typical “best video game list”, as I am not really a video gamer.  So this may be  little unorthodox, but who knows, may be that makes it interesting? I hope so anyway.

Here we go…

50. Halo 2


When Halo 2 was released, it was quite the marketing phenomenon.  And once I played it, I sort of understood why.  It had a unique tone to it that felt like you were in that place, and the first person shooter aspect was a lot of fun, especially when playing with friends or online.  I get it, I get why these games are popular.

49. Lemmings


This game was a bit of a revelation for computer games when it came to our school.  It required a lot more puzzling out than most other games, and I really like puzzling stuff out.  I didn’t get to play it much, but when I did it was a lot of fun.

48. Toobin’


I mean, it was a game about drifting down a lazy river on a tube.  Awesome.  The river keeps going, you gotta maneuver around the obstacles.  And the whole while just chillin’ out on your tube.

47. Angry Birds



Yes, that’s right, I put an iphone game on here.  And I dont even have an iphone.  But I have to admit that this game is a lot of addictive fun.  There’s a reason its so popular.  Die, pigs, die!

46. Peasant’s Quest

DOS (sort of)


What is Peasant’s Quest you ask? Well its the mock DOS game from the makers of Homestar Runner, featuring everyone’s favourite dragon Trogdor the Burninator!  Its one of those “seek and find” games like King’s Quest and all those others, but with more ridiculous humour and lots of inside jokes for fans of the  site.  And whats also great is that your goal is to get to Trogdor, but never defeat him.  He can’t be defeated.

45. Donkey Kong



I mean, its a classic.  But its not the best in the DK series, as we will see later…

44. Excitebike


This is one of the most classic of all racing games. Best part? Your can make your own track.  Is it the BEST of racing games? Not quite.  Its still fun. Burning out sucks though.

43. Sonic the Hedgehog


I did not have a Sega when I was a kid, but my friend did.  And the best game he had for it was good ole Sonic, Sega’s answer to a certain famous plumber.  The reason this game was so much fun was the speed.  They were able to make it feel like you were moving incredibly fast while still being about to maintain control.  And hearing the clink of collecting those coins as you’d run through a loop was good stuff.

42. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Its rare that a game based off of an existing property is actually awesome, but TMNT is one of those exceptions.  This is an incredibly fun game and has lots here for young Turtle fans like I was to sink their teeth into and be excited about.  Its also very challenging, especially the underwater scene where you have to swim without getting electrocuted.  And if you make it past that, you get to drive the van!

41. Donkey Kong Country


Donkey Kong is a staple of video game culture, but when Super Nintendo came around, Kong got a whole new look and style; and it actually worked!  This time the character is given a whole world and mythology, and his backstory becomes much richer.  Plus the gameplay is barrels of fun, especially, well, the barrels.

2 Responses to “My Top 50 Video Games: #50 – #41”

  1. Great start. You have some very good games here. I had completely forgotten about Peasant’s Quest.

  2. Lemmings and Sonic! Yay! Two of my fave games! 🙂

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