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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


The Mission Impossible franchise has been around since 1966 and came in the wake of the Bond franchise which popularize spy stories. Yet now, after four other movies, Rogue Nation is the MI film which tries to emulate Bond the most.

Mission Impossible 5 contains a lot of elements that feel a lot like a typical ))& story, like the eccentric villain, the villain’s Henchmen (the guy in the rafters was the most Bond-ish), and of course the Bond girl whose wrapped up in everything. Not to mention that the character of Ethan Hunt becomes more and more superhuman with each passing film. He can pretty much do anything now, like another certain suave secret agent we all know.

But the franchise blending together  and Mission Impossible getting away from the cloak and dagger elements that made Tom Cruise’s first outing so great notwithstanding, this is still a solid summer action flick. One thing these MI movies know how to do is to construct exciting set pieces. Some are quite famous, like the white room break in and the Dubai tower scene. Here we get quite a few good ones as well, including an underwater facility sequence which does a great job making you feel like you are losing your breath along with Ethan.

Despite there being WAY too many car chases (I’m on the record as being bored by car chases), I was still held along through the basic spy plot, characters, and more interesting action scenes. This is a competent, well-constructed bit of fun at the movie theater. Its nothing more than that and doesn’t reach for anything more, but it doesn’t have to.


2 Responses to “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”

  1. Nice review man and I agree with your thoughts. Nothing in MI5 was particularly new, but it’s a good, fun movie,

  2. Every time I see that plane picture, I start doing the song in my head and it gets stuck. Ridding myself of the song is my own Mission Impossible.

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