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Ticket to Ride: India


Ticket to Ride seems to have found a solid strategy for staying viable within the gaming community through their Map Expansion collection. These new maps give long-time gamers, who may have gotten sick of the modern board game classic after so long, a fresh chance to rejuvenate such a beloved game.
The second in the series, India, actually contains two maps by including the Switzerland (from a previous, now defunct, expansion) map. Even though those two countries seem about as different as two countries could be, they were still put together for some reason. While it makes not a lot of thematic sense for the paring, gameplay-wise it does for both of these expansions work well with smaller numbers of players. Let’s look closer.


1 India Map – The India map plays with 2-4 players. It is full of tin routes all over the place, only a few of which are doubles. There are ferries around the edges. Its quite a cutthroat map.

2 Mandala – One interesting, and difficult, thing about the India map is the new end game bonuses. What you need to do to get rewarded at the end is link up as many o the destination cites on your tickets not just once, but twice (with not routes shared). The more you do that, the more bonus points you win. This makes the game quite a lot deeper, more complicated, and more stressful.

3 Switzerland Map – The Swiss map is meant for only 2 or 3 players. It has a lot of small and medium routes and is loaded with tunnels. One thing to note is that the wild rainbow cards have to be used only for tunnel routes.

4 Country Routes – The Swiss map also has some different types of destination tickets. There are certain cards where you aren’t trying to connect cities, but instead surrounding countries (France, Austria, etc.). On these cards you have a choice of which to go for, some are easier but less points and so on. Having that choice is really quite nice.



Best Feature: I love the Switzerland map, especially the country to country connections. It’s a small addition that just excites me for some reason.

When to use: This is a great expansion for when you only have 2 players. Even with 3 it’s a great one to choose. So when you have lower player counts (of TtR veterans though, India would be tough for newbies) and want some train traveling action, this is a great option.

Does it fit?:
No you’re not going to be able to fit a whole new map in the original box. It’ll have to be stored separately.

What type:
It’s a “different scenario” expansion with two new maps that you don’t play with every time, but just to switch it up.

Overall: A really great option for 2 or 3 (but especially 2) players. If you want a challenge try out India, if you want a more relaxed but very fun game try Switzerland, which may be my favourite of all the maps.

3 Responses to “Ticket to Ride: India”

  1. Love Ticket To Ride and need to check out this expansion 🙂 I tagged you on my blog btw for the More Happy Than Not Tag.

  2. This might be my favorite expansion, especially since it’s perfect for 2 players. My husband usually wins on the India map (so many Mandalas), while I dominate Switzerland. 🙂

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