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Munchkin 5: De-Ranged


Let’s face it, De-ranged is just another Munchkin expansion like any other. T adds a bunch of new cards and that’s pretty much it. The previous expansion, Need for Steed, added in steed cards which were a great addition, but otherwise these expansions are pretty much just more of the same.
And that’s alright I guess. It gives some fresh puns to the players, for as long as those last, and more of a sense of “who knows what I’ll pull from the deck this time”. This won’t be a long review since this isn’t an expansion that warrants one, so let’s just get into it.


1Rangers – The new class of rangers are the biggest addition to the game. Rangers have the ability to tame monsters and make them steeds. I like this for a couple reasons. First, I really like that they are expanding upon the new steed cards introduced in the last expansion. I really love steeds. Secondly, this provides for some very fun and imaginative imagery, like riding the floating nose.

2New Door Cards – Other than the rangers, there’s a bunch of new monsters, my favourites being the poultrygeist and the oxymoron. They also add some more cards of other races and classes to equal out the balance of so many more cards, which Is good cause having no class sucks.
And again, they are piggybacking off of the last expansion and providing a couple new steeds, which I am very happy to see. This also includes a steed with a clever Monty Python reference.

3New Treasures – Again, more of the same. There appears to be a lot of Go Up A Level cards, but there are also a lot of Lose a Level curses to balance it out. Still those cards are kinda annoying. But they also include some steed enhancers, which are awesome. And of course, all these cards feature the fun and lovable artwork from John Kovalic.


Best Feature: The rangers, mostly for adding more to the steed mechanic from Munchkin 4.

When to use
: Well first off, don’t bother buying this unless you already have Munchkin 4: The need for steed, otherwise all the new steed stuff in here will be wasted. (though if you are buying Munchkin 5, you probably already have 4). But pending that prerequisite, these can just be thrown into every game.

Does it fit?: I have the Munchkin Deluxe box, and yeah, the cards will fit with the other 3 expansions. I am not sure about the regular box.

What type
: This is really a “more of the same” expansion.

Overall: Honestly, there’s not much to this expansion. Its just more Munchkin cards. But because it adds some new stuff to one of my favourite parts of the game, the steeds, I am giving it a recommendation.


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