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Jurassic World


Twenty-two years after having my mind blown in theaters as a 12-year old, the actual park is finally open. Having the park open for public was brilliant move for this third sequel to the franchise. Seeing the attractions come to life was a lot of fun and it made me really wish that there was such a place in real-life. Like, seriously. I want this to be real. Maybe some day…

Jurassic World has a pretty stereotypical blockbuster premise. The two main kids both have some troubles in their life, while their aunt who runs the park isn’t comfortable with them at first, but changes throughout. Everything seems fine and dandy, until it isnt. Then the chaos ensues. Its all pretty basic, some of it is really cheesy but it generally works as a skeleton for the main muscle, which are the dino interactions.

I’m just going to say that I enjoyed this a lot. It really struck for that nostalgia chord, and for me it usually hit the right notes. Sometimes they went too far, like holding up the banner from the visitors center. Just having it there on the ground for us to find ourselves was good enough. But sometimes the nostalgia really elevated certain scenes, like the paddock opening scene at the end.

The main crux of the movie revolves around a genetically engineered dinosaur who escapes and goes on a rampage. I didn’t have too much of a problem with that, and found that it gave us some really thrilling moments, even if they were very reminiscent of the other films, such as the scene in the gyro-car thingy.

Let’s address the raptors, because i can see that this is an area a lot of people would have problems with. The raptors here are trained, much like lions or tigers. And while the whole concept seems ridiculous (unless you actually take a moment to realize that yes, they do do this with lions and tigers) they handle it pretty well. They walk the line between having a connection and always being in danger. And there’s a pretty great moment in the third act where this danger element intensifies. So while skeptical of the whole idea, it didn’t bother me too much while watching.

Jurassic World doesn’t have the same magic as Jurassic Park, but lets face it very few movies do. This really had no hope of that. But its a good sequel which is able to slightly transcend its blockbuster downfalls for the most part. The score wasn’t very good honestly, except when it touched upon the original music. Chris Pratt is a good lead and there’s some great imagery and set pieces. And that finale…. they just went all out. That was pretty awesome.

All in all, it was nice to revisist Isla Nublr once again.


4 Responses to “Jurassic World”

  1. Wasn’t perfect, but it was at least a fun time. Which is all I could have asked for. Nice review Ian.

  2. I tend to agree with your points. It’s as good as it is because so many other action movies are as bad as they are.

  3. I think the “trained” Raptors was handled well. They weren’t domesticated, they were very dangerous and it meant that you could do something new with them rather than just have loads of people run away from them again.

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