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What a cool movie.  Nightcrawler tells the story of a social outcast who finds his passion in late-night news photography and will do whatever it takes to become the best at it.  Its engaging, interesting, and captivating right from the start.  The reason its all of those things is because the character of Lou Bloom is so weird and eccentric that you get drawn in to watching his actions and conversations play out.  Jake Gyllenhal probably gives the best performance I’ve seen him in.

Bloom wants to be great at something and doesn’t have a lot of moral quandaries keeping him back.   He’ll tamper with crime scene evidence, withhold information from the cops, do whatever he needs to to get the best news footage.  The way he goes further down the rabbit hole kept me engaged every moment.  This is an energetic movie with a despicable yet vastly interesting character at its center.  Check it out if you get the chance.


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