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My Blu-ray Wishlist Revisited

A while back I posted my top ten most wanted blu-rays here.  A lot has changed since then, and eight of the ten have come to fruition.  Time to take a new look at the blu-rays I’d love to see.

10. The Wire


Alright, this is kind of a cheat, since HBO is releasing The Wire complete series on blu-ray June 6th.  But what I would like to see is the individual seasons, jsut cause I’m weird like that. (All my other shows are broken into season sets, so…)

But if this is a cheat, then put Roman Holiday in this spot.

9. The Marx Brothers


Someone needs to put out a set of Marx Brothers films on bluray.  The one I am specifically interested in is Duck Soup, but honestly they all should be.  The Marx Bros were a massively important part of film history, and really should be preserved on blu-ray high def.  i’m honestly really surprised this hasn’t happened yet.  Its a shame.

8. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner


This is one of the few from AFI’s top 100 movies list that has yet to get a blu-ray release.  It should have one.  I mean, that whole list should have one, really.

7.Spartacus (Remastered)

Yes, Universal already has a blu-ray of Spartacus released.  But from everything I’ve read about it, the transfer is an atrocity.  Digital noise reduction appears to have taken all of the detain out of the images.  This post will tell you why.  The great thing is that it sounds like this may happen, according to Digital Bits.


6. Before Sunrise


Rumour has it that Criterion is planning a trilogy release of Linklater’s Before series.  The only one on blu right now is the third one.  I adored the first one, and would love to add it to my menagerie of films.  The only thing I ask is that they don’t make it a box set, or if they do they make each of the three individual discs and literally put them in a box.

5. The X-Files


This was my favourite show as a teenager, and it still sticks with me even though the show dropped off considerable in the last four seasons.  But it is certainly a show I would  love to include in my collection.  There are rumours that this has been coming for a while, and with the new announcement of the series returning for a stint on TV again, chances for a Blu-ray release are high.

4. Prince of Egypt


I really have no idea why this isn’t out yet.  Its a pretty well-respected animated film from Dreamworks that I would think is well worthy of a release.  I sort of expected it to come out when Exodus was released in theaters, but no such luck.

3. The West Wing


TV on Blu-ray was a tricky thing.   I had to wonder if it was even worth getting into, since I knew so many shows just wouldn’t bother with the upgrade.  But then Game of Thrones came out, and so I began my TV collection.  I know I wont get all my shows on blu, but there are some I’m really hoping for.  West Wing is one of my all-time favourites, and I really hope that it comes to HD in the near future.

2. Bringing Up Baby


This is one of my all-time favourite comedies, yet it is one of the few AFI Top 100 list movies not on blu yet. Whats up with that? Get it out there!.

1. The Original Star Wars Trilogy

My most wanted blu-ray remains the same.  I will repost what I wrote last time:

I decided to put the least likely to happen at the top of this list.  What I am talking about here is the original, unadulterated trilogy with no CGI Ronto’s added, no extra scenes, and no ridiculous song-and-dance numbers in Jabba’s palace.  I want the three movies released with beautiful new transfers without any of Lucas’ obsessive tinkering.  The driving force behind blu-ray has become film preservation; allowing films to be released in their pure form as they were meant to be seen.  So why not Star Wars too?

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  1. I can’t bear reading extensive posts, simply as i have got
    a small amount of dislexia, but i really
    loved this one

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