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Big Hero 6


This turned out to be a much better movie than I expected, and I can see now why it won the Oscar. That puffy robot just killed me, I think I laughed at almost everything he said or did. “I am not fast.”  Or when the kid told him to kick the door down. Great stuff.

The setting is interesting though confusing.  So why is it now San Fransokyo?  Or does it not matter?  I guess not.  The story is pretty solid, with a core emotional backdrop. The biggest flaw I would say is that the secondary friend characters are very “cartoony”, in that really annoying way. Like how the tall skinny girl speaks so fast and loud, etc, or how goofy Fred is. It probably works really well for kids though.

But the robot is the reason to see this movie.


One Response to “Big Hero 6”

  1. Baymax rules. That’s why I was happy this won the Oscar, even if I didn’t totally believe it should have over something like How to Train Your Dragon 2. Good review Ian.

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