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The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is insane! And as a result hilarious. Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street is the story of a stock broker who gets rich young, builds his own company, and eventually implodes. Its a typical rise and fall tale, with no holds barred. Seriously, none. This isn’t some stodgy crime drama, this is a roller coaster of energy and antics.

I was surprised by how genuinely funny this movie is. Leo DiCaprio is great as Jordan Belmont, the title character, and his supporting cast is all top notch as well. From Jonah Hill (who channels Joe Pesci…perhaps a little too much), to the stunning Margot Robbie, all the way down to the schmoes who he started the company with, the cast hits every note and stride.

There is some great comedy here. Matthew McConaughy kicks things off, and then the ball keeps rolling. The manic energy of this ridiculous workplace is fun to watch. And there’s a scene where Belmont tries to get into his car after… well, let just say you’ll know it when you see it. All in all, this is a wild, unapologetic romp.

However, a problem arises with the ending. And I think this is true of most “rise and fall” movies, is that the downfall just isn’t as interesting as the rise. And that is certainly true here. I was not feeling the length of this movie until the downfall began. At this point, the movie really dragged out and I was ready for it to end. Because lets face it, the way things wrapped up was a pretty stereotypical “end of an empire” sequence of events. This is a problem I think is prevalent in a lot of Scorsese’s movies, and may be a reason that I am not as drawn to him as other people are. If he had just tightened up the ending, or made it more interesting, this would have been a solid comedic masterpiece.

5 Responses to “The Wolf of Wall Street”

  1. Yeah, it’s a long movie, but if you stick it out, like I did, you’ll have plenty of fun and ultimately feel rewarded. Your life won’t change or anything, but you’ll be walking out with a smile, needless to say. Nice review Ian.

    • Well… i did stick it out, its not like I walked out on the last 1/2 hour or anything. I did have plenty of fun, its just that I feel the energy would have stuck with me more if the end was shorter.

  2. Nice review. I agree it goes on a bit too long at the end, but that being said it’s the most enjoyable movie of 2013. I saw it twice and I loved it more the second time.

  3. I read how many people had a problem with the movie’s length, which I personally didn’t have. However, the ending is a bit weak – the very last scene, to be more precise. It felt as if Scorsese didn’t know on what note to end the movie.


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