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Most of us will never go to space. But don’t worry: director Alfonso Cuaron has us covered. He can make us feel like we are in space, even though we are really just sitting in a theater watching a movie.

And what a movie.

Gravity is one of those films which is a true cinematic experience. It is an all encompassing tale of two astronauts stranded in space after the space shuttle is destroyed by debris. Sights and sounds come together in a truly amazing spectacle which left me breathless.

The surround sound is fully utilized, with wisps of radio communications popping in around the the theater and whirs and bangs audible only through the filter of the astronaut’s mics. Meanwhile, the tactile space debris and space vessels provide the settings with amazing shots of our planet in the background.

And talk about intense! If you are worried about this being some sort of claustrophobic experience like 127 Hours or Open Water, fear not. This is a constantly moving film, showcasing every moment of this incredible trauma. Sandra Bullock does a great job showcasing the stress and panic of someone in that situation, which Clooney counteracts her by provide the calm under pressure.

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. I don’t see how this won’t be the film of the year for 2013. Its just that good. I felt like I was there, a feat few films are able to truly pull off. I was stunned and amazed from start to finish. Astonishing.

6 Responses to “Gravity”

  1. Great review. I love this film as well in spite of my one criticism.

  2. Nice review Ian. Really looking forward to seeing this, hate that we don’t get this until next month.

  3. Nice review man. I caught this myself last night, and like you I am a really big fan.

  4. Nice review and great to see a perfect rating. Saw it on Sunday and felt that it was an amazing movie, easily the best of 2013 thus far.

  5. The movie was definitely visually stunning and you could feel ‘the tension’ at various times, but I could have written a better script..and i am barely literate! I can’t believe i’m the only one who rates this movie a 5/10 at best. Clooney’s few lines were atrocious. Her sob story background was a lousy attempt to make us care about her. My biggest peeve is all the various satellites and stations are ‘spacewalking’ distance from each other..That in reality would be like swimming from Canada to China..a China in a different orbital plane! The Fantastic Four movies had more realism! 5/10. Because i am generous 🙂

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