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Film Club Review: Hard Candy

Hey readers, I’m going to  start doing something a little different for my film club reviews starting with today’s post.  For this segment, I participate in an online film club in which the members are partnered up and recommend films to each other.  I have always posted my reviews of the films recommended to me here on the blog.  I’ve decided that on top of this, I am also going to include the reviews of the film’s I have recommended to my partner for that round.  So now you will be getting two reviews for the price of one!

My Review

Hard Candy

When this movie was recommended to me, I knew nothing about it. I had never heard about it before, and didn’t read any descriptions. Turns out it was about an internet predator preying on a 14 year old girl. Well then. Not exactly a comfortable watch.

However, the issue of internet predators is a growing concern in today’s society, so it makes sense to deal with it through film, since the movie medium has always been used to confront current social issues. But what happens to this film is that it quickly becomes a revenge fantasy, and in doing so it seems to lose a little of its bite. It doesn’t lose the discomfort mind you, but it does seem to be leaning a little more on the more juvenile and angry reaction to the issue, which makes me take the subject matter less seriously. (I won’t give away what happens, but you may be able to figure it out).

Ellen Page gives a decent performance as 14 year old Hallie who is knowingly being preyed upon by Patrick Wilson’s creepy photographer. Wilson gives the stronger performance here, as Page seems to have not quite yet refined the sharp-talking teenager act she pulled off better in Juno. The visual direction of the film is very hard-edged and raw, which makes it interesting on that level as well.

I really had no expectations for this film since I knew nothing about it, but I can say that this was not at all what I thought I’d be in for. The idea of internet predators is an important issue to deal with, but I felt they went the easy way out with it. I appreciate the direction, but its not a film I would want to watch again.


My Recommendation

Review by Matthew Mills

Life of Pi review

I was a little worried at the beginning of movie cause it was really slow, but as it got about 30 minutes into film then it picked up. At the end of the movie, I felt that it was one of the best movies I had ever seen and I realized the dialogue was, in fact, necessary and an important part of the tale.  I was doubtful at first that the dialogue was little slow. But the dialogue got twice as better after about 30 minutes from beginning of film. This is an extremely unique movie with incredible characters, humor, sadness, and thought provoking moments all rolled into one. The Life of Pi is a fantastic escape from the violent, floor shaking movies we have grown used to. Which makes it stand out and I got really into it. The Life of Pi takes us on a life journey of self preservation, and does it so beautifully and with such entertaining script that, in the end, we don’t even know we’ve been on a journey since I was so sucked into the film. You have a, not sure how to explain it… I guess what i mean is that the film really sticks with you after you watch it.

The Visual effects were stunning. Has some intense beautiful visuals that really stands out. Loved the part where he got on that plant island. Great effects there. I am glad I picked it up on blue-ray instead of DVD because there probably is a noticeable change between those 2. Great acting from all characters. I didn’t expect so much from trailer I watched before movie but there is a lot more in it then the trailer which was nice. Trailer didn’t show all the good parts is kind of what i mean. Great messages in the film. Probably will be buying movie soon and showing nephew this stunning film. I loved the emotions between Pi and the Tiger. Visual effects on tiger was amazing. No wonder it was at the Oscars. It was a film I missed. Highly recommend it to anyone.

I give this movie an A and ****.5 out of *****

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