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The Hangover Part III

The Hangover was a genuinely funny movie. It came out of no where to take the comedy world by storm. Hangover II was garbage and came with a lot of disappointment stemming from high expectations. Hangover III falls somewhere in the middle, though perhaps of the lowered expectations resulting from Part II.

The third Hangover movie sees the Wolf Pack back together as they take a road trip to Arizona to check Alan into some sort of mental health clinic. Along the way they run into problems with Chow, the most annoying character in the series. What results is a set-up which doesn’t copy the “hangover’ aspect of the first two films but manages to have the same detective-like vibe to it.

For the most part they avoid the problem of repetition like the second film had, but then again they sort of had to since they were bashed non-stop for that criticism. However, the problem is that there aren’t really any memorable, stand-out scenes. There is one scene n the roof of Caesar’s Palace, but even that falls short of being great.

The movie was funny at least, which is what ultimately gives it a pass. Now, comedy like this is a pretty subjective thing, but I have to say I was laughing pretty consistently. Most of my laughs came from the interactions of the characters and their deliveries. As a sequel, they were able to use the weight of the relationships which came before it and play upon that. Alan was much closer to the Alan of part 1 rather than part 2, which made a big difference in this department.

Hangover III isn’t great, but it was enough to make me laugh quite a lot. It will ultimately be a forgettable movie, mostly just because there aren’t any inspired set pieces which the first movie was chalk full of. Its not even going to be memorable for being bad, like the second movie. But for Hangover fans, its enough of a good time to enjoy even if it doesn’t knock it out of the park. 7/10

4 Responses to “The Hangover Part III”

  1. Nice review. I’ll probably catch this one when it hits cable. I did enjoy the first installment, but skipped the second.

  2. Yeah, I missed the “laughing” part. I actually thought Part II was better than this. There just wasn’t anything funny here. And while Im not asking for them to mimick earlier movies like part II did, the departure from the previous movies winds up way too far off course for me. 😦

    • Yeah, I tended to laugh at some of the smaller things. But this 7/10 rating is based just on the fact that I did laugh often enough. But there were still no particular jokes or lines, or scenes, which is why I recognize that this is probably going to be forgettable.

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