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Star Trek: Into Darkness


The second in the line of new Star Trek movies proved to once again be cinematic and thrilling, and while it may not provide Trekkies with the scientific and humanitarian soul they are looking for, for half-assed Trek fans like myself, it feels enough like Star Trek to make us happy. It also happens to be a pretty kick ass sequel.

Into Darkness doesn’t have nearly as gripping an opening as its predecessor did, but it did set up some themes that would play out near the end. The plot itself, which involves Kirk and the Enterprise hunting down a former Star Fleet terrorist, started off a little muddled and iffy (not too mention a little too on the nose with the current political climate). However, the movie only got better and better as it went on, and the muddledness made sense when put into context. What happened is that the story turned from what appeared to be a basic action-in-space film that so many people were worried about into a more cerebral figure-it-out story. It was great.

The cast was as charismatic as the first time, with Chris Pine leading the charge, and this time they were met with a great villain in Benedict Cumberbatch. The visuals were great and the action set pieces were coherent and fun. Again, great stuff.

*SPOILERS    I figured out the big plot twist once Kirk tried beating the crap out of John Harrison and he wasn’t getting hurt. When the rumours that Khan was the villain first started to leak, I was worried it would turn into just a remake of Wrath of Khan. Luckily, they managed to make their own story out of it and use the surprise to their advantage.

The only thing I didn’t really like about it was how they basically recycled the best scene from Wrath of Khan; Spock’s death scene. Yes, I know they switched roles, but it was still essentially the same. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but at the moment I feel it was kind of lazy to be honest.     *END SPOILERS

So in Summary, Star Trek 12 (or 2, however you want to think of it) turned out to be a worthy sequel and managed up up the ante on drama and spectacle. Despite the fact that it wasn’t subtitled So Very Tired.

p.s. Tribbles rule.


7 Responses to “Star Trek: Into Darkness”

  1. Nice review Ian. Best of the year so far, but let’s just hope all the rest of the summer blockbusters are able to keep up with the speed and velocity of this one.

  2. That moment you mention DID feel lazy. And a bit clumsy, too, I might add. It really took me out of things.

    To invert your comment, I dont think it was as “thinky” as you thought it was. LOL 😀

  3. Great review. I see the sentiments a lot of people are saying on the web about the “recycling” of the plot. I saw it as ingenious as opposed to lazy in that it fused the plot from the tv series and from STII and made it enjoyable with its added twist and tributes.

    Enjoyed it. Nice job

  4. Great review! I also really enjoyed this one. I’ve always been more of a Star Wars fan, but JJ Abrams Trek films made me look at the franchise in a new way. I’ve seen this movie twice so far and I actually enjoyed it more the second time. I liked that they lifted some material from Wrath of Khan, but it wasn’t a straight-up remake. I thought they kept it fresh and interesting, and I thought it was quite clever. The casting was spot-on once again in this film, and I thought Pine, Quinto and Cumberbatch were the stand-outs, at least for me.

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