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Iron Man 3


I’m going to make this a relatively short review. Iron Man 3 is a much more cohesive film than Iron Man 2 but doesn’t quite have the exuberance of Iron Man 1. I will say that it does have better action scenes than both of those previous movies combined. There is a plane sequence which is particularly impressive, as is the climactic battle.

Robert Downey Jr. is on point as usual and is of course the reason these movies are so fun. Gweneth Paltrow gave her strongest Marvel performance so far, and the dialogue between those two and Cheadle was much more natural than the last film.

There are some things that didn’t strike the right chord with me, particularly the nature of the bad guys, which I felt were out of place in this universe (which seems like an odd statement I know, since this universe has many weird things in it). I’m also not sure about a part in the middle involving a certain young sidekick. I suppose it didn’t bother me much and was charming at points, but will it annoy me on a rewatch? Some people may also get up in arms with the way they treated The Mandarin. I just want to go on the record to say that I liked it.

Overall, I suppose I can say that it was pretty much just what I was expecting. It did surprise but neither did it disappoint. Actually I was worried it was going to be too dark a story, but they managed to keep the more buoyant Iron Man tone in tact while just tweaking the darkness a little. I actually liked that Iron Man actually felt like he was in real danger most of the time. So I guess I was surprised at the handling of the tone, and I felt like it was a satisfying cap to the trilogy.

8 Responses to “Iron Man 3”

  1. I think you liked it a little more than I did, but its nice to see you acknowledging some of the issues involved. They bothered me a lot more than you lets just say.

    I’d also say the action scenes weren’t all that impressive. The plane rescue? Yeah, sure. The finale? Not so much 😦

    • I liked the finale, but one of the people I went with also expressed disappointment with it.

      • It was just a bunch of silliness surrounded by meaningless flashing lights. Disposable henchmen, I’m used to, but they were fighting disposable Iron Man suits too! LITERALLY, because a few minutes later…. I dont want to spoil anything but you know what Im saying.

      • Yeah, that makes sense to me. I guess I appreciated the way it was shot. It was (more or less) coherent and inventive.

        I’ll be honest though, I was pretty passive for this movie. it was more or less a distraction from a really bad day. So I wasn’t gonna be overly critical. Perhaps when it comes out on blu I might lean more towards your opinions.

  2. Good review Ian. Not perfect, but still worth the ride and the fun because of the type of style and energy it brings to the franchise.

  3. Good review, fair score 😀

  4. Was let down, but still enjoyed it! Nice review, Ian!

  5. I Think Iron Man 3 Is A Best Movie Direct-To-Video Sequel To Iron Man
    And Iron Man 2 And I Really Enjoyed And Loved The Third Sequel Of I
    ron Man Because It’s A Good Movie And Best Actor Robert Downey Jr!

    PS Iron Man 3 Movie Is A Top Best Looking Film Directed By Shane
    Black And I Really Enjoyed And Liked The Iron Man Stories!

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