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Life of Pi


If you want a visual feast, watch Life of Pi. If you want an interesting and unique story, watch Life of Pi. If you are looking for deeper themes being explored, you may also watch Life of Pi. Or maybe you aren’t looking for anything more specific than a great movie. Well, Life of Pi is waiting for you.

Life of Pi is a story about a boy on a lifeboat with a tiger, but everyone knows that already. Its based on the book by Yann Martel which I regret to admit I have not read despite the fact that he is a local author. Shame on me. However, I am a movie fan first, so I decided to experience this story through film and Ang Lee did not let me down. The idea is fascinating, but watching it play out is even more fascinating. And lets admit it; animals are awesome. Its fun watching exotic animals on film, and seeing them together on a lifeboat is pretty cool.

The visuals in this film are simply amazing. The CGI tiger does a very good job of breaching the uncanny valley, which I only noticed once or twice (once for sure with the tiger’s introduction). But also the way that Lee presents the oceanic world around the lifeboat is stunning. It seems to be some form of hyper-reality which just sinks into your eyes to your visual cortex.

The film also contains a strong theme in the form of spiritual belief. Pi is a boy searching for God and comes to accept his beliefs through this ordeal. The depth of this theme is really felt at the end when we hear a new revelation which puts everything in the film to question and provides some doubt about what the story is actually telling us. The brilliance of this is that the audience is allowed to bring our own feelings into the interpretation of the story. Great movie.

8 Responses to “Life of Pi”

  1. Excellent review, this is going on my films to see list.

  2. Nice review Ian. I loved Life of Pi, it was one of my films of last year.

  3. One of my favorite films of last year and one of the few movie do make good use of 3-D. Nice review.

  4. Good review Ian. It’s beyond beautiful and one of the best achievements in 3D so far. However, the story lacks the heart and message that you’d think a tale like this would feature.

  5. Sounds like an absolute must see! The trailer was definitely visually impressive and the reviews have been glowing across the board. I might actually pick up the book as well – that’s supposed to be a good read.

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