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Life in a Day


The premise of this documentary is both unique and ingenious. An open invitation was sent out for people from all over the world to film their lies on July 24, 2010. Thousands of people from all parts of the world sent in videos. The finished result is an incredible celebration of human life.

Life in a Day is able to simultaneously celebrate both the commonality and the diversity of the human race. Through subtle similarities like the structure of the day and through confessions of what is really important to people and what they are afraid of, we see that even though we are spread around the globe, we are all connected. However, we also see differences in lifestyle, in philosophy, and in surroundings.

The movie is cut in such a way that there is no narrator and no direct narrative. Instead it follows the pattern of the day, from early morning, to midday, to evening, and back to nighttime, with only the voices of the people on film and music in the background. At first I doubted that this narrative structure could hold up, but I ended up getting so caught up in the film, it certainly d

This collection of films is a great encapsulation of the human experience. We are given wonderful stories, like the man who has been biking around the world for 9 years and a young man nervously informing his mom that he is gay. We are also given incredible, visceral action shots including a thrilling skydiving sequence. Through the lives of these amateur filmographers living out their lives, we get to see births, weddings, heartbreak, animal slaughtering, deep sea diving, and even fatal tragedy. Its amazing to think about all these things that are happening on this one day and extrapolating that to these things happening every day.

This film is a real wonder. The people behind it had a lot of ambition, and it paid off. It really does feel like life in a day, and it will leave you feeling strangely connected to the other 7 billion people in the world.


2 Responses to “Life in a Day”

  1. Nice review. I agree, this is a wondrous film and it reminded me of Ron Fricke’s Baraka.

  2. Wow, 9/10! I thought this was a very interesting film but for some reason I wasn’t in love with it as I thought I would. Still, it’s great to see the various lifestyles of people all over the world.

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