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My Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

While 2012 had a lot of releases to look forward to at this time last year, 2013 isn’t looking as promising.  However, with that said, these “looking forward to” lists are, while fun, really quite useless.  The best films of the year will likely be those who slip under the radar rather than the sequels and adaptations we know about at this point.


Okay, now that I’ve invalidated this whole list, here we go!

5.(tie) i. Iron Man 3


I’m interested to see how they use this film to follow up The Avengers.  Also, Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin should be quite interesting.  I wonder if he’ll have his power rings?

ii. This is the End


A comedy about the apocalypse starring the Judd Apatow crew as themselves?  It may suck, its true, but I’m there will be at least a laugh or two along the way.  And hopefully many more than that.


4. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


I have to admit that my excitement for this one has diminished since being let down by An Unexpected Journey last month.  Regardless, I am still a Tolkien fan at heart and I still can’t wait to see some great set pieces like the spider battle and the barrel scene.  And of course my appetite to see Smaug the dragon was wetted just enough by the end of the last film.

3. Oblivion


There seem to be a few movies this year about Earth being abandoned in the distant future, but Oblivion is the one that looks the most promising to me.  This Tom Cruise driven vehicle had a very enticing trailer which makes me think that as long as the filmmakers have a good sense of what they are doing, this has the potential to be a great sci-fi film.  You could sense it touching on some deep themes and big ideas.  Whether it lives up to this however, remains to be seen.

2. Man of Steel


I’ll admit that the prospect of another Superman did not interest me at all.  I’ve never really liked the previous Superman movies and even when Nolan’s name was attached I didn’t get too excited.  And actually, the reason I didn’t get too excited is the reason I still hold reservations.  I’m worried they are going to try to make the film too gritty and dark, just because it worked for Batman.  But Supe is a whole different type of hero, and I’m not sure that style will work.  But seeing the trailers, I have to admit that whether it works or not, I am very interested to see the result.

1. Star Trek Into Darkness


I’m not an all out Trekkie, but I am very familiar with the series.  I also really liked the last film, probably because I’m not an all out Trekkie.  I am also very excited to see what Abrams does with the follow up, since I’ve been loving the casting choices and want to see them all work together again.  And now that it is looking less likely that this is a remake of Khan (which if it was, well, what would be the point?), I can let my excitement build until this summer.

But what I’m really looking forward to is the inevitable third reboot film: Star Trek: Revenge of the Tribbles.

2 Responses to “My Most Anticipated Movies of 2013”

  1. Nice list! I’m definitely looking forward to Star Trek into Darkness, loved the previous film

  2. Great list, looking forward to all these films, especially Superman and Star Trek!

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