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My 5 Favourite Podcasts

I’ve only recently gotten into listening to podcasts this past year, once I simply couldn’t take any more of commercial radio.  Over that short time, I’ve found quite a few podcasts that have made my regular rotation.  Here are the ones I would consider my favourites.  All of these are available on iTunes.

5. A Podcast of Ice and Fire


As the name indicates, this is a podcast show dedicated to George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series.  I only recommend this if you are also a fan of that excellent book series, and if you are you are in for a treat.  Keep in mind that this is an Explicit rating podcast, and they use that rating to be sure.  The jokes and discussions can be pretty dirty.  The jokes are also VERY insider, and you simply wont understand unless you are familiar with the books, but if you are they are downright hilarious.  The episodes could usually benefit from some extra editing (we don’t really need to hear them trying to connect people to skype), but the hosts are fun and the discussion is almost always interesting.

4. The Title Pending Movie Podcast


This is the newest podcast on this list, which has been running for about a year now.  It is co-hosted by one of my blogging compatriots Fogs from Fogs Movie Reviews.  He and his cohost Tank have great chemsitry, so much so that I was shocked to find out they’ve never met in person.  They have a lot of regular segments such as the Box Office Round Up and ON the Radar.  They’ve managed to build a lot of familar tropes into their show, like the opening humour skits and the way Tank always seems to get “dusty” in the theater.  There are some volume audio problems, especially with the opening theme music, but that is a minor quibble compared with all the fun these guys have making this cast and all the fun you will have listening to it.

3. Filmspotting


Filmspotting is certainly the most professionally made podcast on this site, and also the longest running will over 400 episodes.  As far as movie podcasts go, this is certainly one with the more traditional “film snob” critics, but hosts Adam and Josh really aren’t that bad as far as pretension, while their analytical skills are really appreciated, making this both a smart and a fun podcast.  Their Massacre Theater segment where they act out a scene from a movie is priceless.  Also, they often have film critic Michael Philips  (former cohost of At the Movies) as a guest star, which is a huge bonus.  The problem is that because its so professionally made, there are some segments which require extensive fast forwarding, like the advertising segment and a paint-drying segment where they thanks listeners who have sent donations.  But between those, we get some great film discussion and some fun top 5 lists.

2. The Dice Tower


The Dice Tower is the premiere podcast in the board gaming world, and the show which got me into podcasting.  Host Tom Vasal has been podcasting for years and has become a major personality in the board game subculture.  The Dice Tower is great for those who are into the hobby, as it give information and opinions on new games, top ten lists which allows a look back at older games, and discussion about the hobby itself and all its facets.  The Dice Tower has truly become a beacon for other board gaming aficionados and now has a wealth of contributors who add to the show’s content.  This is both a blessing and a curse as the contributor segments are VERY hit and miss; we get some great stuff like GameTek, and some other not-so-great stuff which requires fast forwarding.  But when it comes to gaming podcasts, its hard to beat The Dice Tower.

1. Film Junk


I have only just recently discovered Film Junk, but it immediately shot to the top of the list.  Film Junk is a movie podcast with hosts Shaun, Jay, Greg and Frank, four friends who love to sit around and talk about movies.  With microphones.  Really, that’s what this is, just 4 guys who love movies having a chat about them.  And its great.  As far as humour, this is the funniest of the whole bunch.  I will often burst out laughing.  The chemsitry between these guys is outstanding.  Its just like my buddies and I hanging out.  And when they have Reed Farrington on to guest host, it gets even better.   The podcasts are usually long, like 3 hours long, but I honestly don’t care. Its a slam dunk.

And hey, any podcast which dedicates almost 5 hours over three episodes on how to organize your bluray collection has got to be awesome, right?

2 Responses to “My 5 Favourite Podcasts”

  1. Woot!

    I’ll try to look into any “volume problems”, Ian. Is the them too loud, or too quiet? Wondering what you’re experiencing there.

    Aside from that though, Huzzah! Thanks for the mention! 😀 Glad you enjoy the show, I’ll let Tanski know too. 😀

    • No problem man, I love your show. Its always a lot of fun. As for the audio, it always seems much quieter in relation to other podcasts, especially the opening. Its so faint that when it comes on it takes me a while to realize its even playing.

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