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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

End of the World movies have been done to death. This is a common fact. And yet usually filmmakers are able to bring something new to the table. (Unless its zombies. Newsflash: Zombies may be the most unoriginal idea going in popular entertainment today!) Seeking a Friend approaches the subject from a downcast comedic standpoint from the point of view of two normal people after any hope of human survival is extinguished. I’m not entirely sure it works, but it is a fresh approach at the least.Apparently Steve Carrell is still worried about Michael Scott typecasting since he is playing the same underscored performance he has in almost every feature role he’s been given. He plays opposite the more eccentric Keira Knightly and together they definitely have some chemsitry, though not quite as much as the film tries to convince you they do near the end of the film.

Parts of this movie are very enjoyable, particularly in the way we are able to see all of the varying behaviours of people as they spend their few last weeks. We see riots, wild parties, a restaurant centered around hedonism, and some people who just go along with their normal lawn-mowing routines.

However as the movie pressed on, it began to lose me in its increasingly darkening tone. The film certainly moves to a really somber, melancholy place by the end which I felt was unbalanced with the previous half of the run time. And while that shift it tone may work for some, it didn’t work for me, to the point where I was rolling my eyes at the last scene. 6/10


3 Responses to “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”

  1. I agree, the chemistry was interesting but the film was just blah.

  2. Good review Ian. I think I gave this around the same score as you and that’s mainly just because it’s so uneven, it’s hard to think of anything else. I mean yeah, the movie had some funny moments and good performances, but that was about it. Still, a nice movie to remind us of how shitty the apocalypse is and might just be. Thanks Hollywood!

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