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Attack the Block

Attack the Block is in interesting twist on the alien invasion sub-genre.  In this small, independent flick, a group of street kids take on alien creatures in the London ghetto.  My response: what a fun little movie.

The strength in this film isn’t the thrills or action, although both are very good, its the way these characters grow on us throughout the film.  They start off as five punks who like to take part in petty crimes.  But as the alien invasion is carried out, these kids have to take up the reigns of the heroes. Luckily this transformation is quite believable, since the boys themselves are quite likable once we see through their tough-guy facades.  The main boy Moses is the most notable for this, but they each have their moments.

Considering the low budget of this film, the creature design of the aliens is really quite impressive.  its minimalistic to be sure, but its a unique design and they turn out to be pretty cool indeed.  And their presence does a good job of building tension by the way you see their glowing teeth in the distance, or their black masses moving like shadows.

In the end, this is certainly a movie which left a smile on my face.  There are a lot of fun moments while we’re given a fresh take on well-trodden film territory.   Its easy to cheer for these kids.  Great film.



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