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My Top 5 Worst Movies of 2011

This has been a very down-the-middle year for movies.  Last year saw a couple of films stretch out on both ends of the spectrum.  We saw some brilliant movies, two of which (Social Network and Inception) quickly became a couple of my favourites.  I also saw some absolutely atrocious films which showed just how bad movies can be, namely Repo Men, Kick Ass, and MacGruber.  2011 on the other hand didn’t  have many films which I saw which stretch out into the very good or very bad.  Most were right up the middle.

Nonetheless, there are still quite a few films I saw this year which I wish I hadn’t.  But there is some solace in the fact that seeing bad movies only makes us appreciate the good ones even more.  Now keep in mind, I do not go out o my way to watch movies I suspect will be bad, so I’m sure there are worthier choices out there.  But these are the worst of the films I personally saw this year.

5. The Change-Up

Bateman and Renoylds should have been a better match up.  But instead we were given disgusting gross-out gags (one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time mind you) and lame jokes.  But what is worse is that the filmmakers didn’t have the courage to really explore this tired body-switching formula and take it somewhere new.

4. The Dilemma

Wow, Ron Howard is on a real cold streak lately, with Front/Nixon, Angels and Demons, and now this entirely uninteresting “comedy”.  Actually I’m not sure whether or not it was supposed to be a comedy.  Something tells me Howard didn’t know either.  I’m not really sure what he was thinking when he decided that Kevin James had enough star power to match Vince Vaughn either.

3. The Hangover Part II

Really?  They followed up on of 2009’s best and most refreshing comedies with this?!  They just repeated everything, minus the jokes.  Lazy trash by a group of people who should have known better.

2. Lucky

Not many people saw this movie.  Lucky them.  There are no characters you can connect with, none you can sympathize with, none which have any redeeming qualities.  And that makes for a tough movie to watch.

1. Immortals

And the easy choice for worst film of the year (that I’ve seen) is Immortals!  An absolute mess completely devoid of character motivation.  Its about a guy who fights people, then goes somewhere else to fight people, then somewhere else to fight people, then somewhere else were he inexplicably has an army to help him fight people.  Awful.  But what I really don’t get is how people talk about how great looking this film was.  It didn’t look that good, to be honest.  And they did was make everything gold to fool peopl einto thinking it looked good.  Oh Greek Myth, when will Hollywood do you justice?
So that was the year in bad films I saw.  Not as bad as last year.  I hope to have my ten favourite films of the year up sometime in the next month or so.  Until then, lets hope 2012 is a good one!

6 Responses to “My Top 5 Worst Movies of 2011”

  1. Immortals? Really? I haven’t seen it but I think I like Singh, looking forward to the film when I do. Hope I enjoy it more than you did mate!

  2. If you ever need anyone to have your back on Immortals, Ian, I’m your man.

    God awful. Made my ten worst for sure. Its only saving grace is that it might be SO bad it actually works well as a comedy. Ludicrous in every way, shape and form.

    A completely worthy choice as worst of the year!

    • I don’t need anyone to confirm its bad, I know its bad! But nice to have the support regardless!

      And I suppose it can be one of those laugh-at movies. Especially that one scene where he’s chopping wood near the beginning. I swear he chops the same piece of wood for 5 minutes. That thing should have been sawdust by the end.

  3. I’m pleased to say I haven’t seen any of those films, so looks like I made good choices. The only one I considered was Hangover 2, but it’s the sort of film that nver should have had a sequel made. That joke is only funny when it’s new, second time round, we already know the punchline.

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