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Colin Hanks stars as a simple person who wins the lottery and suddenly finds himself in a relationship with his gold-digging childhood sweetheart played by Ari Graynor. However we soon learn that he is also a serial killer.  The big problem here is that neither of these characters are likable.  Now, in skilled hands, such as Tarantino or Coppola,  despicable people can certainly connect to an audience and carry a film.  But with a mediocre director and mediocre actors, it’s just not gonna happen.  One character is a serial killer and the other only married him for his money.  And there’s really nothing redeemable or connectable about either of them.

The character of gold-digging Lucy is a particular problem on the film as she really has no definition.  She starts off as a Bridget Jonesesque bimbo, then a demanding wife, then a normal character whom the film-makers hope we’ll sympathize with (which we don’t), to a criminal.  It’s a mess.  This is the fault of both the writer and the actress involved in developing this character.

Another big problem is that its simply not funny.  It’s supposed to have dark comedic overtones, but there’s not a heck of a lot comedic about it.  I’m not even sure I chuckled.  This movie provoked almost no emotional response from me whatsoever.  And even despite this lack of response I still managed to find the ending highly unsatisfying and rather dumb, to be honest.

Chances are most of you didn’t even hear about this movie as it came and went through the theaters and onto DVD.  Don’t worry, you weren’t missing out on much.


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