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The Blu-ray Files #014

The Adventures of Robin Hood – This is the oldest movie I’ve seen so far on blu-ray, but considering that, wow!  It looks awesome.  The picture is wonderfully clear and rich in detail.  And the colours! Oh, the colours!  If this is the same colour palate that audiences saw when this was released in 1938, the beginning of the colour movie age,  I can see why they were so excited.  The heraldic costumes, castle sets, and forest greens are amazingly vibrant.  This swashbuckling classic thrives on blu-ray.

Casino Royale (Collector’s Edition) – The high def presentation of Casino Royale on blu-ray is one of the best examples of the format.  The picture is sleek and sophisticated, much like James Bond himself.  Just check out how shiny and slick the new Bond car looks.  The inky black levels are also fantastic.  If you don’t believe me, check out the scene where they pull Bond from the car crash.  This is certainly one of blu-ray’s greatest early efforts.

Wall*E – Wall*E is the first animated movie I’ve seen on blu-ray, and I was blown away.  Pixar’s CGI animation lends itself to some of the greatest picture quality you could possibly hope for.  And seeing this animated masterpiece in full HD really makes you appreciate the level of detail that Pixar puts into their art. Every spec of rust on our favourite lovable robot can be seen.  The sound is also excellent.  If this is what computer animation provides in their blu-ray releases, I have to get my hands on more.

Also, check out the short cartoon Burn*E which comes with the disc.  Its quite enjoyable.

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