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Bridesmaids has been described as the female version of The Hangover. So as a non-female, was I going to like this film? As it turns out, no. I don’t know if it was the gender barrier or not, but I think it might have been. The film itself seems like a solid construction with interesting characters and a rather cohesive plot, even if they do go a little to far with the “now its time for the main characters situation to get worse” section of the story. Yet I just didn’t find it funny and actually found it slightly annoying.

Most of the humour here just didn’t work for me, especially the cattiness of the protagonist Annie (Kristen Wigg) and the antagonist Helen (Rose Byrne). I guess its just not something I’m used to and I found it really irritating. I think that maybe I was expecting more camaraderie between the bridesmaids, but instead it was a basic rivalry between two, one was used for comic relief only, and the other two were hardly ever in it. Oh well.

That’s not to say there aren’t highlights. Kristen Wigg had some great comedic moments such as trying to tip over the chocolate fountain and being drugged up on the plane. but other moments just seemed really forced, like driving recklessly to get the cops’ attention or the bridal shop scene.

Obviously I’m missing something, since this was a very popular movie. I thought it was rather dull, but perhaps my expectations were too high, or perhaps because I’m on the tuxedo side of the aisle.

4 Responses to “Bridesmaids”

  1. Contrary to your feelings, I’m somewhat excited when you described it as a “female version of Hangover”. Well, Hangover was great though I have yet to see the sequel.

  2. Ian, I watched this just last night and loved it. However, I do believe it helps to be on the dress side of the aisle, my husband didn’t seem to enjoy it as much.

    This really is how a “female version of The Hangover” would go. Rather than one night of substance abuse and a day of camaraderie to fix the problems they’ve created, women are more likely to keep to milder events, over think their friendships and let rivalries stew. Mix that with the traditional duties of the maid of honor and the result is extreme cattiness and having to be so polite it’s awkward. Females who want to be socially accepted start to master this in their early teens.

    I also enjoyed the gross-out side of comedy here. Women don’t get to fart and vomit in movies half as often as men, and the ladies here really make up for lost time. Shopping for dresses at an upscale boutique is supposed to be one of those special moments that make women feel extra beautiful and elegant. Mix that with some uncontrollable (less-lady-like) bodily functions and you’ve got a hilarious nightmare for any woman that men might not want to accept. While I was rolling in laughter, my husband seemed more disgusted.

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