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My Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

5. The Avengers

The Avengers has become more of a spectacle than a film. But that’s okay, I’m willing to take part in the spectacle. This movie has been hyped up since Iron Man in 2008 so I highly doubt that it will meet those expectations. Still, having that many superheroes in one movie together should be fun, even if it doesn’t entirely work on a film-making level.

4. Prometheus

So it sounds like this is a sequel to Alien… but not really. It is set in the same universe but may not necessarily be connected? I’m not sure. Regardless, Ridley Scott’s Alien film was by far the best of that whole series, so I am really looking forward to what he has planned here.

3. The Dark Knight Rises

I’m sure this will top most people’s lists. But for some reason, I don’t have high hopes that it will meet the level of Nolan’s other two Batman films. Maybe its because The Joker will be too hard of a villain to top. Maybe its because Catwoman is in it. But, I do hope I’m wrong and that this turns out to be a stunning conclusion to a great superhero trilogy thus-far.

2. Brave

I’m not as Pixar crazy and many of you guys are, though a couple of their films I absolutely love; namely WallE and Up. And I usually don’t eagerly anticipate their new films, but maybe that’s changing because I find myself really interested in Brave. Maybe its the Celtic setting and the fact that so far the animation looks great. Either way, I am really excited for it.

1. The Hobbit

Honestly, I never thought this movie would actually happen. But here it is! The hype surrounding this is going to be pretty nostalgic I think. I’m pumped. Sure the story isn’t as deep as Rings and it doesn’t have quite the gravitas, but it should be a lot of fun revisiting the world again.

11 Responses to “My Most Anticipated Movies of 2012”

  1. Hobbit and Avengers sounds good… I’m a little bit worried about Dark Knight Rises, don’t know if Anne Hathaway can become Catwoman. But we’ll see when the movie hits! 😀

  2. Prometheus is the one with Sharlto Copley, right? If so, it’s also one of my anticipated movies of 2012.

    I want to see The Dark Knight rises but it’s not in my list of anticipated movies. The Hobbit is in my number one list.I hate the fact that we won’t be able to see it till the end of 2012.

    thank you for sharing your list, Ian. I should make one too

    • No I don’t think Sharlto Copley is in it,
      Yeah, I appreciate your frustration with The Hobbit coming at the end of the year, but I’m glad it is. The LOTR movies were all in December, so this will give a nice sense of nostalgia.

      • My bad…it was another movie with difficult spelling. When a movie like Prometheus comes up…I often forgot the title as it was not in common English.

        Yeah,it does give sense of nostalgia. I need to reread the book before seeing it.

        By the way, I made this in honor of Prometheus> http://wp.me/pUu9G-pO

  3. This pretty much sums up the list of movies I’m most excited about in 2012 as well. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to the new Bond film.

  4. Nice list, i did a similar list myself a couple of weeks back, included TDKR and Prometheus as well, really excited for both of those! I agree with your thoughts on The Joker being hard to top, i’m a little nervous about that. Brave just missed out. But i have to be honest The Avengers made it onto the opposite 2012 list, ‘2012 films i couldn’t care less about’.

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