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The Blu-ray Files #005

Independence Day – ID4 was a film which reinvented the summer blockbuster and relied heavily on visual and sound effects.  Fifteen years later, do those visual and audio spectacles hold up on its blu-ray release? You betcha.  This is a beautiful transfer which looks and sounds almost as great as it did in the theaters 15 years ago.  Watching it on blu-ray made me fall in love with this movie all over again.

Aliens – Earlier I reviewed Alien on Blu-ray, and now its sequel. Alien is still one of the best blu-ray transfers I’ve seen so far, and though Aliens does quite meet the same level of excellence, it is still a fantastic transfer.  Images are sharp and even though the colour palate is dark and dreary, those dark colours come out very nicely.   Definitely worth the upgrade.


Alien 3  – Alien 3 has a softer image than its two predecessors, but the picture quality is still excellent even though its not quite at the same level.  The one major problem is that the creature itself seems to look much more fake under high definiton, but its really not that big of a deal.

If you are wondering whether Alien Resurrection will also be included in the Blu-ray Files, no it won’t.  I liked the first three movies (especially the first film), but I really didn’t like the fourth and I have no need to include it in my collection.  That’s why I’ve bought each of the single discs rather than the quadrilogy set.

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