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The Adjustment Bureau

This was a nice little surprise. A mix of sci-fi/fantasy, mystery, and romance but leaning more heavily on the romance. But not in a cheesy way, in a more humanistic way. The Adjustment Bureau is a movie which will make you think and feel in just the right proportion.

Matt Damon is a political candidate who meets the girl of his dreams but is constantly being foiled by these mysterious men with hats. It turns out these men are a secret organization who tries to make sure people do what they’re supposed to according to a mysterious plan.

The best thing about the mystery aspect is that this secret organization is not made up of cold, calculating, faceless men in suits like so many other movies and shows before. We actually get a peek behind the scenes and learn who these conspirators are. They have human qualities and make mistakes, making them much more relatable and quite refreshing.

The center of the movie is the relationship between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt as two people with a strong romantic connection who are being kept apart by the Secret Bureau. Because this is the center of the movie, the entire film rests on the chemistry between these two actors. Luckily, they deliver in spades. There is no lack of chemistry here and you are instantly convinced that it is these two peoples’ fate to be together.

A nice little movie which confronts issues of choice and fate but remains a love story at its heart. Strong acting and a satisfying mystery, although the ending was rather lackluster and disappointing after that great running-through-the-doors sequence. Still, a highly recommended movie.

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  1. Nice review, glad to see someone liked it as much as me.

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