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The Dilemma

I’m not really sure who told Kevin James he’s a movie star.  He doesn’t really have a lot of charisma, nor does he seem to have the gravitas to hold up a movie in a starring role.  Yet there he is.  He acts here alongside Vince Vaughn, who does have those things.  Vaughn’s schtick is getting old, but tis still enjoyable to watch.  They also star with the lovely Jennifer Connely and Winona Rider, who does a very job job playing a witch here.

The plot, to sum up in one sentence, is that Vaughn finds out James’s wife is cheating on him and debates with himself whether or not to tell him.  However, it does take a while before this plot i actually put into motion for some reason.  Some funny stuff comes out of this, like a rather funny fight with  the guy she’s cheating with, some just ends up trying to be too serious.  Ultimately, there’s not a lot here.  Its average beyond average.  Some chuckles, some blandness.



2 Responses to “The Dilemma”

  1. I agree, this movie was good but then it wasn’t good. It definitely made you go through the motions. Nice review.

  2. I’ll probably just avoid this altogether.

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