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The Green Hornet

Green Hornet is one of those movies where I have to balance all of the things that worked with all of the things that didn’t and see where it comes out on the end. Because this take on the 60’s superhero TV series has a lot going for it, but it does have some problems which are hard to look past at the same time.

I’m going to start with the problems. First off, the plot development was really off, especially at the beginning. We didn’t get much of an introduction to Britt Reid’s character before everything started happening. I don’t know if this was a problem with pacing or writing, maybe both.

The major problem with Green Hornet however is simply how uninteresting the story was at times. Story-wise, its really not all that compelling. Cameron Diaz’s character seemed thrown in and not really necessary. In fact, the side plots of Reid and Kato fighting over her were pretty irritating.

But what does work here and what saves the movie are the personalities. Both Britt Reid and Kato were a lot of fun to watch interact with each other. This interplay is really what made the movie enjoyable. Christoph Waltz, of Inglourious Basterds fame, was great. He played a villain who seems obsessed with being scary. There is a scene right at the beginning with Franco which outlines this pretty well. Its a fun twist on what would otherwise be a generic villain.

So what about the action scenes? They are really a toss of the coins here. The first action scene when they are fighting off some street thugs is just not good at all. The director Gondry tries to be inventive with the scene and it just doesn’t work. The best action scene in the film is actually one between Reid and Kato in his house. That scene was a lot of fun, much better than Iron Man vs. War Machine, that’s for damn sure.

So really, the good parts and the bad parts balance out. I’m probably being pretty generous to this movie with my rating, but I just asked myself at the end: did I enjoy it more than I didn’t? And the answer was yes, I definitely enjoyed it while I was watching it. For that reason, its a 7/10.

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