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My Worst Movies of 2010

I’ll be honest and say that 2010 has not been a great year for me and movies.  Most that I saw were either disappointing or outright bad.  There were a few gems, but not a whole lot to write home about.

I am planning on doing a top 10 list for 2010, however as readers of this blog may have noticed, my movie-going has decreased significantly lately.  There is a reason which I am not going to go into, but it has left me in a position where I haven’t seen a number of movies I hoped to, and therefore I’m not comfortable making that list yet.

But I can make my top worst movies of 2010 list in the meantime.  Now keep in mind, these are out of the movies I have seen.  Obviously I don’t try to watch bad movies on purpose, sometimes movie just turn out that way or I’m dragged to a movie despite whether I want to see it or not.

5. Clash of the Titans

The story of Perseus is a great story, but Hollywood can’t seem to help cheesing it up, first with the 1981 film and now with this disaster remake.  The 3d technology was weak, the plot was riddled with quest movie cliches. and the acting was as dry as a spider-infested desert.

4. Grown Ups

There are other ways to make  comedy without having to rely of bad insults and disgusting gross-out humour.  Not sure Sandler and company have realized that yet.   They made this movie simply so that they could hang out together and get paid, and we’re the suckers who actually paid for that to happen.  (In my defense this is one of those movies I was dragged to).
3. MacGruber

Speaking of bad juvenile humour, MacGruber takes the cake.  Grown Ups was stupid to be sure, but it has nothing on this piece of garbage.  So many jokes here are just cringe-worthy.  There is nothing to hold onto.  The characters are so stupid that they can’t hold onto our sympathies.  This worked as an SNL skit for a reason; the skits were only 30 seconds long!

2. Kick Ass

I’m not sure what it was about Kick Ass that made people love this movie so much.  Was it the incredibly boring main character?  The mean-spirited nature?  The way in could never find its balance between being a superhero movie and being a parody of a superhero movie?  Or was  it  seeing an 11 year old girl swearing and killing people like a homicidal maniac?  Terrible.

1. Repo Men

Usually I like sci-fi movies with a futuristic premise.  Repo Men’s premise is pretty weak in comparison with other modern sci-fi greats like Children of Men, Gattaca, etc.  However, that is no excuse for this absolute disaster of a film.  What made this such a horrible venture was simply the execution.

Once you reach the halfway mark, the story no longer makes sense.  There are holes everywhere!  Some female character comes out of no where and we suddenly have to just accept her as a main character all of the sudden.  Then her and Jude Law reach the hallway scene where they go all Matrix on a group of business people, leaving you gaping a the screen saying “What the hell just happened? And why?”

And then there’s the ending.  Oh, that terrible, terrible ending!  Don’t look for cleverness in this twist, trust me.  The ending is a big “F you” to the audience which has practically no ties to what came before it other than a small three second mention which you would miss if you blinked.  It will make you only further hate an already despised movie.

Now, once I finally get out there and see a few more of the movies on my want-to-see list, I can get more positive with my top ten movies of the year.  Stay tuned, it is coming eventually.

One Response to “My Worst Movies of 2010”

  1. I’ve only seen Clash of the Titans and Kick Ass. While I do agree with Clash, really disagree on Kick Ass. Personally, I fall into the camp of people who loved it.

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