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The A-Team

The A-Team is the movie that The Expendables should have been. Where the Expendables tried to showcase a lot of tough guys with a lot of action, The A-Team set out to do the same thing except it managed to be fun at the same time.

The A-Team was a movie which really shouldn’t have worked. It was based off of a cheesy 80s TV show and on the surface looks really stupid. Yet it works, and here are the reasons why it works. First, the acting. Somehow they managed to get Liam Neeson into the lead role who demanded respect from the audience and held the whole story together. Bradley Cooper showcased the comedic styling we discovered in the Hangover once again, and even “Rampage” Jackson put in a good turn in Mr. T’s famous role.

Next it the storyline. The plot of this movie isn’t as paper thin as you may think. It follows a strong progression and has enough twists and turns to keep us guessing and suspecting everyone.

And third, but most important of all, is that the action sequences are great. They’re not mindless fighting. They are coherent and well-executed. The whole shtick here is that the team never goes in unless they have a plan. These plans are well-thought out as action scenes and keep we the audience interested the entire time, even when they’re playing the cup game with cranes and shipping containers, luring Mexican pilots into American airspace, or parachuting through the air in a tank.

The A-Team is well-crafted, clever, and knows exactly what it is. Its an action movie which hits just the right sense of fun and adventure while still showing that the film-makers are smart about what they’re doing. A great ride. 8/10

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  1. Damn. Your review makes me wanna check this out.

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