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A Christmas Carol

This is a hard movie to review. I watched it with a group of kids from grade 1 to grade 12 and doing so I can’t help but think that this movie didn’t really know what audience it wanted to go for. It seems like it was made for little kids, but then it gets really frightening at some points, especially the scene with Jacob Marley and the scene with the Ghost of Christmas present with those two demon children and his body turning to bones and dust.

The animation is both great and not great at the same time. The character of Scrooge is wonderful; he looks great and is voiced and captured brilliantly by Jim Carrey. But all of the other people just look creepy. Sure they’ve come a long way since Polar Express, where the people were beyond creepy looking, but there is still too much of a divide across the uncanny valley for us to buy these people. They are too creepishly cartoony to take as real, but not cartoony enough to be taken as cartoons.

They do do some neat art direction stuff here, especially the way the Ghost of Present shows him whats going on through the translucent floor. Cool stuff

The story is the classic Dickens story which they stick to pretty tightly when they’re not throwing in random scenes of action to keep the kids entertained. But the credit for the story itself goes to Dickens, not to the filmmakers themselves. Therefore I have to rate this film based on the adaptation. Now they did stick pretty true to the tale, but did deviate through scenes which are used purely to show off the 3D. But with the mix between good animation and bad animation, and the confusion with pragmatics, I have to give this adaptation a 6/10. I still prefer Mickey’s Christmas Carol over this one.

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