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My Best TV Shows of 2010

5. The Office

The Office is no longer the biting satire it once was, but has settled down into the role of the comfortable comedy. This year the show took a dip for me, mostly by the growing smugness of Jim and Pam, the two characters we’re supposed to relate to most, and the growing number of mediocre episodes. But its still The Office and it is still better than most sitcoms out there, and even still manages to knock it out of the park every once in a while.

4. Community

I’m a late-comer to Community, and to be honest I haven’t seen that many episodes. But what I have seen has made me laugh a lot, like I once did long ago with The Office. I think this is going to be a show I’m really going to latch on to in 2011.

3. Modern Family

I started watching this show skeptically, since the concept seemed to be a pandering attempt to seem, as the title suggest, “modern” by having an interracial and homosexual relationships, re marriages, etc. But one thing has made me forget about its outward appearances; its really, really funny. Some of the characters in this show are fantastic, especially the dorky dad Phil. He makes this show, in my opinion.

2. The Tudors

The last season of this historical episode was not quite as strong as its predecessors, but it still surprised me with how well they could keep up their excellent storytelling, even in the less interesting latter years of Henry VIII. The finale was nothing mindblowing, but it was a great way to wrap up this series which managed to span all 6 wives and more than three decades of his reign.

1. Lost

Some were disappointed with Lost’s final season, but I was not among them. The sixth and last season of this epic show slowed down the craziness of the last two seasons and made this a very personal season again. We were given insights into the existence of the island and the purpose for the character’s presence there. And at the end of it all we were given what is perhaps the greatest television finale episode I have ever seen, concluding this journey which we have joined these characters on for the last six years.

2 Responses to “My Best TV Shows of 2010”

  1. Well written, though admittedly I haven’t watched any TV this year so I can’t add my own opinions.

  2. Modern Family is one of the best show on tv.

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