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What ever happened to regular, direct movie sequels? Now we’ve got sequels which are kind of the third, but also kind of the second, ignoring what was originally second in the series. Then we’ve got prequels, reboots, and crossover movies of two series where we don’t have a clue where they fit into the chronology… arg.

Anyways, Predators is the sequel which many people believe should have been to the 80s action hit Predator, much like Aliens was the sequel to Alien. And after watching, it is a worthy sequel indeed. It keeps the spirit of the original while giving us something kind of new to sink our teeth into.

The premise is actually a great idea for a Predator sequel; the predators have captured a bunch of mercenary types from earth and have sent them to a game preserve planet where they are to be hunted. A really cool idea as we get to see the predators in their own element, complete with hunting dogs and everything.

A warning though; the movie is riddled with action movie cliches. Maybe they’re intentional, maybe not. But the result is that any scene where the group interacts with each other is both boring and predictable. There’s a lot of really shallow attempts to bond and even a cameo from Lawrence Fishbourne as the crazy guy who knows exactly what’s going on. However, when there is any action or exploration going on, your interest will perk right back up.

There’s some really neat stuff to check out here, such as the Predator camp, a look at a whole different species, and a pretty cool ending. Though I’ve gotta ask; who told Adrian Brody he was an action star?

2 Responses to “Predators”

  1. Good write up. And I’m glad you enjoyed it. Personally, I thought Brody was fine in this. Sort of a highlight for me actually.

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