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Apples to Apples: Everybody Likes Them Apples!

With the wide variety of party games in the market right now, its sometimes hard to separate the fresh ones from the rotten in the bunch. Many party games just simply aren’t a lot of fun and range from the slightly mundane (Taboo) to the very mundane (Catch Phrase), from games made only for extroverts (Cranium) to those which seem to be devoid of all intelligence (Dirty Minds, Worst Case Scenario). Yet among the mediocrity, the great party games are waiting to be picked, games such as Balderdash, Wits and Wagers, and Say Anything. And sitting at the top of the barrel is Apples to Apples.
So why is Apples to Apples one of the best and most popular of party games? This is why. Some people may be turned off by nectarines or peaches, cherries have their fair share of detractors, and grapefruit may only be for a select few, but apples are the fruit loved by all. And just like its namesake, Apples to Apples is a game for everyone.
The rules are simple enough that they can be taught to anyone in under two minutes. There is no advantage for gamers or those well familiar with the game, therefore everyone has an equal chance at the start. There is no requirement for creativity or cleverness. It is a game that everyone can get behind, from your most jaded friends to those family members whose idea of gaming is the weekend lineup of football on television. It doesn’t matter who is playing, Apples to Apples is a smash hit.


All there really is for components is a whole lotta cards. There are two kinds, red and green. The red apple cards are the most numerous and contains nouns of all shapes and sizes. These include people, places, things, and concepts and are quite diverse. They range from Britney Spears, to The Universe, to Angry Hornets and Festering Wounds. The green cards contain adjectives, such as Important, Annoying, and Weird.
Apples to Apples does not run into the same card exhaustion problem that Trivial Pursuit r Balderdash potentially could, since reusing the cards doesn’t affect the outcome of the game. There are enough cards to allow tons of variability for many, many games.


The game is easy to learn. Every player has a hand of seven red cards while each taking turns drawing a green card. The player who draws the green card displays the card, be it Glamourous or Sneaky, the other players must choose the card in their hand which best resembles that description. The drawing player than chooses the best answer.
The reason that this gameplay is so great is because it completely hinges upon the opinion of the person picking the winning card. Therefore, people can play up to their interests or to their sense of humour. There is absolutely nothing preventing you from choosing Charging Rhinos as your choice for Gentle if you think it’ll make the player whose turn it is laugh enough to choose your pick. Because the pick of the winners is so variable and unpredictable, it really levels the playing field and gives anyone and everyone a chance to win the game. However, winning the game is usually not even on the minds of those playing; everyone is content enough just to win the current hand.


Apples are not a difficult produce to get your hands on; they are available in almost any grocery store you will visit. This easy accessibility is also present in this game, as almost anyone can easily learn to play this game and can easily have a great time playing. You can play it with your family, you can play it with your friends, you can play it with kids, you can play it with adults. It doesn’t matter.
Apples to Apples is brilliantly tailored to play upon people’s personalities and interaction in a way which doesn’t cause people embarrassment of test their creativity and put them on the spot. The strategy hinges upon the people playing, which allows for a different experience every time. But more importantly, it allows for a hilarious experience every time. The entire purpose of party games is for the entire group to have fun, and none does it better than Apples to Apples.

4 Responses to “Apples to Apples: Everybody Likes Them Apples!”

  1. It has been a few years since playing this game, but that night sticks out as one of the funniest game nights ever. Such a simple and fun game that you can really play off each other’s personalities with or get to know someone new.

  2. My group of friends and I play this game whenever we get a chance to all get together and we have a blast every time. From inside jokes between a couple of players to far-out-there responses, Apples to Apples is always good for a laugh and a night of casual fun amongst friends (or strangers!).

  3. I really enjoy playing this game as well. Some of the unique dialogue that will result from this game is hilarity at it’s best!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad to see this game is so highly enjoyed It really is a game for anybody, which makes it great.

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