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The Other Guys

Good comedies are hard to come by. Its very hard to make a movie with a lot of laughs without having quite a few jokes fall flat and leave you groaning. The Other Guys certainly has those fall-flat moments, but it has more than enough laughs to make up for it as well as a great comic performance by Ferrell, the best I’ve seen him in quite some time.

Allen and Terry are police desk clerk partners who don’t get along and live in the shadow of two other stereotypical bad-ass heroes played by Sam Jackson and The Rock. Jackson and The Rock provide some great entertainment as buddy cops who are able to pull off ridiculous feats while kicking ass. And I killed myself laughing at one part in particular involving those two which I did not expect.

The story is enough to keep us moving with the characters, but its Ferrell’s performance which carries this movie. Ferrell manages to use his usual humour in a character which is quite different than the character’s he usually does. He plays an almost Ned Flanders-like character with some surprises up his sleeves. It was his banter with Wahlburg and jokes like his lion-tuna rant which made me laugh rather than some of the set pieces.

That’s not to say this movie was all laughs. There were a lot of jokes which simply didn’t work, including a cop fight at a funeral, the story behind Allen’s past, and a set of gags where they don’t realize that they’re being bribed. When they try these sort of set piece gags, it doesn’t work as well and feels slightly displaced. But these are forgiven in the wake of Ferrell, the Sam Jackson/Rock cameos, and all the jokes that do work.

2 Responses to “The Other Guys”

  1. This, as well as Date Night, are my two favorite comedies of the year mostly because they stay funny, even though there is a bit too many explosions. Check out my review when you get a chance!

  2. The lion-tuna part was great!! I think the reason this movie falls flat is because it isn’t what I expected. I was expecting a Will Ferrell/ Adam McKay movie….what I got was some of those elements in a “real” movie. If I were to watch it again without those preconceived notions then it might be a little better.

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